Custody & Agency Services


Global Custody and Agency Services from Bank of America Merrill Lynch can help you safeguard funds, settle complex transactions and securely issue and make payments on short-term debt.

Companies, institutions and governments worldwide receive dedicated support and tailored solutions to reduce risks and gain efficiencies. Clients can also benefit by leveraging our integrated banking and markets capabilities and expansive global presence.


Custody Solutions

Safeguard assets with increased transparency.

As a member of the DTCC, Federal Reserve and Euroclear, Bank of America Merrill Lynch delivers accurate, timely post-trade processing and asset servicing for fund managers, insurers, corporations and financial institutions worldwide.

Our end-to-end custody platform can help you improve operational efficiency in a controlled environment and provide you with timely, integrated reporting. Fund trustee clients in Ireland experience extra layers of protection and oversight, since trust services are delivered independently from fund administration.

Escrow Solutions

Close transactions easily while reducing certain risks.

Companies and institutions can mitigate counterparty, transaction and regulatory risks that arise from closing complex transactions, including capital raising, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring.

Our escrow solutions can help you achieve a seamless, end-to-end M&A experience by providing expedient, reliable escrow services to meet your needs.

Issuing and Paying Agent (IPA) Solutions

Short-term debt issuers can leverage our leading Issuing and Paying Agent (IPA) platform for issuance, as well as coupon and maturity payments, into the U.S. and European markets.

A crucial connection between fixed income and treasury, IPA can help you address your comprehensive funding and liquidity needs by issuing commercial paper, CDs and other short-term instruments with greater ease and convenience.

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