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At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, our Energy & Power group draws on deep expertise and broad resources to help our clients adapt, thrive and grow in today's changing global landscape. Whether generating new ideas and insights, expanding your
access to capital and advice, optimizing the flow of funds and information, or capitalizing on strategic M&A opportunities — we
come fully equipped to meet your comprehensive objectives worldwide. Explore some of our many powerful client success
stories to learn more.

Case Studies


Setting up Treasury for a New Company
When a major global technology solutions provider spun off its non-energy businesses, they needed to establish a new bank structure and consolidate two standalone systems into a single treasury management platform. More ›
Card Solutions for Global Purchasing
and Travel Needs
Two companies serving the oil and gas sector are using card solutions to boost global purchasing power, simplify international travel, enhance visibility into spending and free up working capital. More ›
Expanding Cash and Banking
Standardization from Europe to Asia
With 81 accounts in six countries and more than 6,000 payments of multiple types, a global integrated energy company took an innovative approach to standard its vast Asia Pacific operations. More ›
Driving Efficiencies for Retailers
with End-to-End Merchant Payment Solutions
Retailers with branded wholesalers, affiliated dealers or a combination of these and corporate locations are discovering the benefits of having a single-source, end-to-end processor for all payments. More ›
Empowering Payment Processing at
U.S. Utilities with Image Cash Letter Service
To improve processing efficiencies and collection rates and speed access to funds, utilities are increasingly implementing electronic methods for processing paper check payments. More ›
Helping Retailers Reap the Benefits
of 100% Electronic Pay
With the price of processing a paper payroll check nearing three dollars, and with millions of payroll checks lost or stolen annually, employers are going paperless to cut costs, streamline processing and clamp down on fraud. More ›
Centralizing Collateral Accounts
Drives New Efficiencies
Reorganizing and streamlining collateral financial arrangements with local franchise dealers in North America is helping a global oil and gas company enhance efficiency and revenue.
More ›
A Collaborative Relationship
Yields Ongoing Enhancements
Helping one of the world's leading oil and gas companies consolidate its lockboxes into a highly sophisticated nationwide platform has reduced costs, improved work processes and enabled ongoing innovation. More ›
Increasing Cash Flow with
Global Supply Chain Financing in Latin America
Improving terms and extending days payables outstanding is helping a global petroleum company in South America achieve a lower cost of capital throughout its global supply chain. More ›
Reengineering an Export Letter of Credit Process Accelerates Cash Conversion
Anticipating a dramatic growth in its Asia-Pacific business, the chemical division of a global petroleum company streamlined its export letter of credit process. More ›
Tapping Global Expertise and Infrastructure to Streamline Information and Cash Flow Worldwide
An international oil and gas company improved global integration and currency risk management to keep its capital working at maximum efficiency around the world.
More ›
Customizing a Cash and Liquidity
Management Solution in China
A major global oil and gas company with operations in China recently implemented an automated cash pooling solution that enables the company to efficiently concentrate and distribute cash among cash-positive and cash-negative operations. More ›
Protecting the Gulf with Shared
Commitment and Efficient Cash Flow
Following the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion in 2010, an independent not-for-profit consortium of global oil and gas companies called on Bank of America Merrill Lynch. More ›
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