Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Save time. Improve efficiency. Improve forecasting.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) services can help your company increase control over how and when you make and receive payments. You can benefit from improved cash flow forecasting, greater accuracy, lower expenses and faster collection of funds. Bank of America Merrill Lynch has been an ACH industry leader for over three decades. We are the number one receiver of ACH payments and the third largest ACH payments originator1, processing billions of transactions annually, and we offer a full range of customizable solutions for ACH transactions.


1 Source: NACHA; April 9, 2013 press release. Information is for year 2013.

ACH Payments

Streamline payments with a leading range of capabilities.

Direct Deposit
Send payments to individuals for payroll, expense reimbursements, pension, dividend and other consumer payments.

Cross-Border Payment
Send low-value consumer or business payments to Canada, Mexico, Panama and parts of Europe.

Trade Payment
Pay trading partners via CCD+ and CTX formats, which also relay payment details such as invoice, number, date and discount.

Tax Payment
Pay state local and federal government agencies meeting the IRS' EFTS and state's requirements.

ACH Receipts

Manage receivables with greater ease and convenience.

Consumer Debit
Collect one-time or recurring payments from consumers, including utility payments, membership fees, loan payments, insurance premiums, online purchases and more.

Cross-Border Receipt
Collect recurring payments from consumers or businesses with accounts in  Canada.

Check Conversion
Convert eligible consumer checks into ACH debits and transmit them electronically for collection processing.

Corporate Collection
Collect payments from U.S. trading partners via CCD+ and CTX formats, which also relay payment details such as invoice, number, date and discount.

Consolidate funds from your accounts in multiple locations to your Bank of America concentration account.

BofAML ACH Solutions

Flexible choices to meet your evolving business needs.

CashPro® Online
Manage payments and receipts with single sign-on convenience.

Remote Payments Online and Payment Collection Gateway
Enable greater payment flexibility for your retail and business customers.

CashPro® Connect
Combine all of your payment types – ACH, FX, wire transfer, or check – into a single secure file to send to us for processing. Learn more CashPro Connect >

Paymode X®
Receive electronic invoices and send electronic payments with detailed remittance data to and from your suppliers, customers and employees. Visit our Paymode-X site >

Imaging Solutions
Use image technology to capture check images and MICR data and transmit that data to us.  We will then determine how each transaction should be sent for payment – Image Exchange, IRD (Image Replacement Document) or ACH.

  • Image Cash Letter
    Use your remittance processing or high-speed capture equipment to electronically send us an image cash letter file.

Anti-fraud Solutions

Robust protection, heightened security.

ACH Positive Pay, our powerful anti-fraud solution, delivers robust protection against unauthorized ACH transactions. This includes real-time access to view debit transactions before they post—and the ability to pay or return transactions online. In addition, our Blocks and Authorizations service helps you automatically accept transactions from authorized trading partners and return unauthorized incoming debits or credits prior to posting. Read the:

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