Expedite your receivables
with a powerful payments
service you can rely on.

Wouldn't you like to save time, money and trees? The Bank of America Merrill Lynch ePayables solution can help you achieve all three by integrating card payments into your accounts receivables process. The benefits of card acceptance include:

  • Expedited receipt of cash, improving Days Sales Outstanding
  • Reduced check processing costs
  • Reduced collection costs associated with lost or misplaced checks
  • More efficient handling of exception items
  • Reduced exposure to check fraud
  • Better control by eliminating the need to give out bank information for ACH payments
  • Remittance data transmitted with payment for more efficient back-end reconciliation
  • Going green — paperless, electronic payments have more security features, save money and help conserve the environment by eliminating printing and mailing paper checks.
Push Payments
Supplier initiates the card transactions. Funds are settled to the supplier's account without any supplier action to initiate the transaction.
Supplier needs to house the card account information or receive the card account in each remittance advice sent via secure email. Supplier does not need to know or maintain the card account details on file

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