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Awards & Recognition

  • Best Technology Platform Winner - Tata Communications
    The Corporate Treasurer, 2014
  • Innovative Feature Winner - CashPro Online Dashboard
    Monarch Innovation Award, 2013

About CashPro®

CashPro Online is our worldwide client access channel designed to deliver the global power of Bank of America Merrill Lynch through one portal and one password. Developed in collaboration with our clients, CashPro Online represents a multi‑million dollar investment in our shared client vision to create the industry's best banking experience.

Innovative new functionality will be implemented through phased strategic approaches, with clear communication and support at every step. The end result will be a world-class electronic banking experience driven by how, when and where you prefer to navigate the broad range of financial tools and information you use to help your business succeed and grow.

CashPro Online Benefits

  • Connect to virtually all the global treasury, debt, liquidity, investment, trade and foreign exchange solutions you need through a single sign on user identity

  • Spend less time navigating accounts and more time focusing on your core business

  • Enhance decision making and execution with enhanced ability to view and access your cash

  • Execute transactions faster and more efficiently with straight-through processing and simplified workflows

  • Enjoy a simple, consistent online experience, whether you do business locally or globally

  • Save time by getting in and out of the portal quickly

  • Take charge with 24/7 self service tools, including an automated online knowledge assistance and a repository of online training and support materials, as well as access to personal assistance through online chat and service request options

  • Access the information and tools you need, when and how you need them, through customized user preferences

  • Reduce fraud risk through leading-edge online security features and user controls

  • Manage on the go with notifications delivered via voice, text, e mail or fax

  • Enjoy greater convenience through enhanced user administration

CashPro Online Features

  • Single login page and URL providing access to all the solutions you need.

  • More payments power: The new Global Payment Initiation module makes payments more convenient and user minded. Users gain an integrated payment experience that has the functionality to support them both domestically and globally — across countries, currencies, and payment types.

  • Beneficiary advising will notify recipients when a payment is coming, enhancing payor/payee communication and relationships. Sticky Notes will enable users to provide additional payment instructions, such as the GL number, right in the file. Additional payments enhancements include user defined fields, quick fill group payment input, straight through processing, an extensive library of import formats, local language capabilities, and the extension of in-country payment services to countries like UAE, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico and a number of South American countries.

  • Enhanced analytics: The global Information Reporting module provides analytical tools that help clients demystify the data. For example, instead of viewing numbers on a spreadsheet, a client might choose to see their locations and figures on a map or depict information in other more sophisticated ways based on a business intelligence model. The ability to access, view and use the data in more strategic ways will enable clients to make better, more informed decisions.

  • CashPro provides alert notifications for your accounts anytime, anywhere…and virtually any way (including e-mail, fax, text or voice). Alert examples include notifications of payment exceptions, deposits, outgoing payments investment maturities, incoming wire transfers, and more.

  • Commercial Credit enables many clients (depending on the details of their lending arrangement) to obtain loan balances, process payments and principal advances, view billing and bill-not-paid statements and transaction histories. Interested clients should talk to their Product Delivery Officer to determine if they are eligible for access based on their loan details.

  • CashPro Accelerate® enables clients to calculate and analyze their daily cash positions faster and more accurately by populating account information directly into their custom Excel spreadsheets with automatic data feeds. Benefits include simplified tracking of accounts at multiple financial institutions, extensive and flexible reporting capabilities, and easy implementation into existing workflows.

  • Integrated access to subscribed services including Connection and Asset Based Lending.

  • Convenient home page features that add time to your day, such as Bank of America news and information, stock quotes of your choice, Libor rates and custom weather reports.

  • More global functionality, such as information reporting that converts multiple currencies to one common currency, ability to group accounts into geographical regions, a global dashboard allowing clients to see balances and liquidity positions in specific regions, and 22 global reporting formats for easy integration into ERP system.

  • Expanded investment capabilities: The new CashPro Invest application simplifies and streamlines the investment process – from research to order entry. Available investment products have been expanded to include bank liabilities, non-USD money funds and bulk trading options.

  • Multiple layers of security at entry, greater user controls, transaction scoring and security model advising.

  • User minded functionality: The integration of Rich Internet Applications provides sophisticated new functionality that enables users to view and interact with data in ways that help and delight you. These enhancements offer the ability to drag and drop information, make data bigger or smaller, have forms remember your information (saving time and keystrokes), provide real time simulations and interactive charts, help functions that anticipate the help you want, on screen validation of forms, and much more.

Future Vision

  • Faster, more flexible receivables management: The new Receivables Management module simplifies end-to-end receivables processing—from cash application to reconciliation. It provides even greater speed, flexibility and customization, enabling users to define pages as they want to view them, use advanced searching tools, define fields for reporting purposes, e mail or fax reports with images, and more. Lockbox sticky notes will assist in transaction investigation by enabling users to document important information associated with specific transactions.

  • Mobile banking flexibility: The new CashPro Mobile offering will provide users with global access to treasury, debt, credit and liquidity functions from Smartphone devices. Users will enjoy the enhanced capabilities and flexibility to perform "anytime, anywhere" transactions quickly and efficiently.

  • CashPro Mobile: Future development will provide debt, credit and liquidity functions from Smartphone devices. Users will enjoy the enhanced capabilities and flexibility to perform "anytime, anywhere" transactions quickly and efficiently.