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CashPro® Connect

CashPro® Connect

Our suite of global file access solutions provides client integration tools designed to enable greater flexibility and scalability. CashPro Connect helps simplify your end-to-end experience through a multicurrency solution facilitating global origination and receivables with corresponding acknowledgements, reporting and robust communication protocols.

SWIFT Corporate Access

Bank of America Merrill Lynch actively works to provide global services so you can attain new levels of efficiency within your organization. We are committed to delivering innovative global services, including adoption of SWIFT for Corporates and the three SWIFT membership offerings: SCORE, MA-CUG and TRCO. We have worked closely with our corporate clients to create SWIFT Corporate Access.

By using SWIFT, you can automate and standardize financial transactions with your banking partners, allowing for improved visibility and control of cash flows, and improved risk management. Through SWIFT, your business gains access to many of our core offerings by using individual messaging and files to support payments, receipts, treasury activities and more.

Benefits of SWIFT Corporate Access include:

  • Single channel: Consolidated access to Bank of America Merrill Lynch global accounts through a single file and single channel.

  • Minimal complexity: Streamlined business continuity planning as bank connection points become less intricate.

  • Reduced expense: Lowered operating and maintenance costs as multiple bank connection points condense into a single channel.

  • Simplified infrastructure: Scalable technology support for business growth.

  • Interoperability: We are an active member of the SWIFT CAG (Corporate Advisory Group).

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is a long standing supporter of SWIFT and was one of the original banks to pilot the Standardized Corporate Environment (SCORE), where corporates can interact with financial institutions. Our clients communicate with us using FIN and FileAct services. 

For specific capabilities, please check with your Treasury Sales Officer or you may contact our general SWIFT support by email.

Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM)

Bank Account Management enables automation and standardization of the opening, closing and updates of bank accounts, including mandates and signer maintenance.

Electronic File Delivery (EFD)

Reduce costs, streamline processes and gain greater control over your decentralized payment activity. EFD provides web-based global access around the clock, along with optional approval levels and flexible upload capabilities. Authorized users may upload, view, rebatch, delete, and approve payment transactions from around the world.

Foreign Exchange

Increase the efficiency of your FX payments by originating domestic FX payments together, including cross-currency transactions. Linked to our major deposit systems around the globe, CashPro Connect allows consolidation of all payments processing into one file format to originate multiple payment types in multiple currencies. Spanning more than 190 countries and 50 additional territories and dependencies, CashPro Connect enables payments in 160 currencies.