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Automating daily cash flow positioning and forecasting

Tata Communications Ltd (TCL) is a global communications provider with a cable network covering 30 of the world's top emerging markets. The company leverages its advanced solutions capabilities and domain expertise across its global and pan-India network to deliver managed solutions to multinational enterprises, service providers and Indian consumers.

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Case Study

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

In an increasingly competitive environment, companies are seeking ways to streamline operations. That's why many look to Bank of America Merrill Lynch CashPro® Scheduler to reduce manual tasks and automate processes. The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a market leader with a history spanning more than 150 years, has gone further, combining CashPro Scheduler with other push technologies to enhance efficiencies.

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Case Study

Meadowbrook Insurance Group: Transforming Cash Management to Gain Efficiencies

In 2013, Meadowbrook Insurance Group's treasury team embarked upon an ambitious project to re-engineer the company's entire cash management process. Through the use of Bank of America Merrill Lynch's CashPro® Accelerate solution, and by streamlining accounts payable processes using ImageRight®, an imaging and workflow solution, the company has virtually eliminated manual processing and halved the amount of time needed to manage cash on a daily basis. Meanwhile, month-end processing is now completed several days earlier, freeing treasury staff for more strategic tasks.

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Taking Connectivity to the Next Level

Corporations connecting to SWIFT are now outnumbering those adopting legacy host-to-host connections by two to one. As such, SWIFT for Corporates is no longer a niche solution, but is becoming increasingly viewed as a mainstream offering – prompting companies to take a more sophisticated approach when deciding whether and how they should connect to SWIFT. Companies which have already invested in SWIFT connectivity are also beginning to look beyond the basic offering and ask what more they can do to benefit from their investment in SWIFT.

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Case Study

Introducing the Potential of Personal Digital Identity

Dassault Systèmes' drive to standardize and streamline how its payments are released globally led its wholly owned subsidiary Dassault Systèmes Americas Corp. (DSAC) to pioneer the introduction of 3SKey in the U.S. 3SKey is a bank-agnostic digital identity key, developed by SWIFT in partnership with the banking community. Using 3SKey does not only deliver global consistency but also offers the promise of extended functionality in the future: Other multinationals could follow DSAC's groundbreaking lead.

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White Paper

Opportunity knocks on the Future of ISO 20022

ISO 20022 forms the bedrock of financial messaging in trade, securities, FX and numerous other financial areas, and it plays a central role with respect to payments. This role is likely to expand to an even greater range of payments-related processes in the future. Indeed, ISO 20022 could solve some perennial challenges for corporates in areas such as remittance advice and, for example, also help to streamline information associated with royalty payments.

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