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Delivering on your global payment priorities.

CashPro can expand your global reach with real-time payment visibility and information-rich transaction data to help you make timely, effective business decisions. Seamlessly connecting you to more than 140 currencies and 190 countries.

Simplifying your receivables processing.

CashPro captures all of your paper and electronic receivables via an expanding range of innovative solutions and one of the world's top lockbox networks. Enhancing straight-through reconciliation across borders and currencies.

Optimizing your working capital and liquidity.

CashPro can increase your global cash visibility with comprehensive, integrated global liquidity management and investment solutions. Supporting your diverse needs, from funding operational cash with local, regional and global cross-border account structures to investing for growth based on your liquidity requirements.

Increasing your efficiency with timely reporting and expanded data.

Access your cash flow and manage user permissions in real-time with customized reports, automated notifications and simplified workflows—even when you're away from the office. Transforming your daily cash management tasks into a strategic advantage.

Safeguarding your information with innovative solutions.

Reduce your fraud exposure through the comprehensive security features available through CashPro Online, including the ability to block suspicious ACH debits and credits. Safeguarding your accounts with 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption and two-factor authentication.

Enhancing your banking experience.

Benefit from our client-focused design process while easily accessing helpful information and support tools. Quickly set your preferences, access training, interact with a live service agent and query outstanding transactions. Positioning you as a go-to resource for your team and organization.


Explore the comprehensive, global benefits available to CashPro users.

  • CashPro® Payments

    Simplify your end–to–end processes for high–value and low–value, cross–currency, multibank, internal book transfer, payroll and bank draft payments.

  • CashPro® FX

    Leverage comprehensive foreign currency payment and hedging capabilities with enhanced straight-through processing.

  • CashPro® Connect

    Make global payments in multicurrencies with flexible upload capabilities and robust communication via ISO 20022 XML, the global messaging standard.

  • Electronic File Delivery (EFD)

    Streamline processes and gain greater control over your payment activity with faster, easier host–to–host payment management.

  • CashPro Trade™

    Quickly create and view trade payments and supply chain transactions while automating letter of credit (LC) and open account (OA) issuance.

  • CashPro®BillPay

    Remove time–consuming administrative tasks including writing and distributing checks. Simply approve and schedule your payments.

  • CashPro® Receivables

    Consolidate your ACH, wire, check and card receipts into a single report and utilize extensive workflow tools to process your receivables more efficiently.

  • CashPro® Remote Deposit

    Reduce trips to the bank by electronically depositing checks from your desktop.

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch Intelligent Receivables

    Increase straight–through reconciliation by automatically matching most incoming payments to your open accounts receivable file.

  • Remote Lockbox

    Capture check, envelope and full–page remittances and process in–house payments within your image lockbox.

  • CashPro Trade™

    Receive timely notification of payments under letter of credit (LC) and documentary collection transactions.

  • CashPro® Information Reporting

    Drive efficiency and improve visibility with real–time access to account balances, research tools and a full range of standard and custom reports.

  • CashPro® Notifications

    Receive timely alerts and reminders that notify you of important account information, including wire transfers, opening balances, exception items and investment orders.

  • CashPro® Online Administration

    Manage your CashPro Online users more efficiently with enhanced controls and a simplified workflow for user access.

  • CashPro® Mobile

    Perform all of your critical cash management activities on your mobile device–with the same robust security as CashPro Online.

  • CashPro® Scheduler

    Eliminate manual tasks and improve efficiency by automating reporting, payment and fraud prevention tasks – according to your business needs

  • CashPro Trade™

    Access supply chain finance invoices–including maturing invoices-along with transaction details at any time via robust, dynamic reports.

  • Security Features

    Improve control of your accounts through robust protection features that enable you to approve or reject transactions in real time.

  • Custom Notifications

    Receive timely alerts that notify you of important account transactions via email, voice, fax or text message.

  • Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM)

    Automate the opening, closing and maintenance of your bank accounts and legal entities using secure e–signature technology and ISO 20022 XML.

  • CashPro® BillPay

    Enjoy greater peace of mind with a complete fraud management program for paper checks, integrated directly into CashPro BillPay.

  • CashPro® University

    Maximize your understanding of CashPro Online with interactive training modules, web–based seminars and treasury management insights.

  • Transaction Inquiry

    Inquire about a transaction on any of your Bank of America Merrill Lynch accounts with Service Online, available within CashPro Online.

  • Technical Support

    Submit many standard requests directly from CashPro Online, or contact a technical support specialist for hands-on assistance.


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