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Optimize through visibility, control and expert advice.

Businesses worldwide need to understand their cash positions and requirements through ever-changing conditions. Our liquidity solutions and liquidity specialists can help your business analyze and optimize your working capital with comprehensive, integrated global liquidity management and investment solutions. We take a strategic, end-to-end approach to supporting your business. This ranges from funding operational cash needs to investing for future growth, based on daily, short-term, long-term and compliance-related liquidity requirements.



The ability to view global balance and payment information is critical to both day-to-day management and forecasting of cash. Our liquidity experts can help you design account structures that achieve your unique regional needs while enhancing visibility globally. CashPro® Online is our worldwide client-access channel designed to deliver the global power of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Developed in collaboration with our clients, CashPro Online connects you to virtually all of your global treasury, liquidity, trade and foreign exchange solutions.


Concentrating balances with a single global overlay bank can help your business increase visibility and control of your cash positions. Choosing a financial services provider with comprehensive, integrated liquidity and investment solutions, and greater ability to collect, disburse, forecast and report on funds, can help you keep your capital working faster and more efficiently. Bank of America Merrill Lynch offers you the flexibility to concentrate multi-bank and multi-currency balances from accounts and remote locations worldwide. This enables you to make payments, reduce debt, and invest your excess cash more effectively. Your treasury department will benefit from up-to-the-minute reporting by company, division and individual location, helping make timely financial decisions.


Bank of America Merrill Lynch offers integrated solutions and insightful ideas to help your business optimize returns for different cash types and through a variety of market conditions. These solutions range from simple and efficient automated and self-directed investments directly from your deposit accounts, to more complex global sweeping and notional pooling solutions through our world-class Global Liquidity Platform®, to tailored advice and execution from licensed investment professionals.

  • Move Funds Across Borders – Our Global Liquidity Platform provides your business with a suite of world-class capabilities that enable you to deftly navigate the globe, either physically moving funds to where they are needed, notionally offsetting deficit positions or maximizing returns through interest optimization structures.

  • Use Integrated Investment Tools – CashPro® Invest is an online liquidity management and investment order entry tool developed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. CashPro Invest is fully integrated and available to you through CashPro® Online. With this service, you have the critical, timely information you need to manage your investment decisions, and a streamlined process to place current- or future-dated orders.   View CashPro Invest virtual tour.

  • Obtain Advice and Access – Through regional teams of licensed investment professionals, you gain single point of access to the leading global markets platform for fixed income instruments including corporate, government and municipal securities, institutional money market mutual funds, in depth capital markets research, and online trading and reporting. Your comprehensive liquidity investment needs will be met by a dedicated team of highly-experienced, consultative investment specialists.

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