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  • #2 Bookrunner of syndicated loans to U.S. Large Middle Market
    Thomson Reuters, Q1, 2014
  • #1 US Bookrunner of asset-based loans for the year 2013
    Thomson Reuters, 2013
  • #1 U.S. Bookrunner of asset-based loans for the year 2012
    Thomson Reuters, 2012


If you're looking to borrow more than $75 million, it's likely you'll need a lead lender with the credentials to syndicate the loan. A syndicated loan is typically structured and priced by the lead arranger or agent, who then sells portions of the credit to other lenders or investor groups under terms negotiated by the agent. Today's more diverse investor base often requires that a loan be structured to meet the needs of the market.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch's Loan Syndications Team is dedicated solely to underwriting, arranging, distributing, and trading senior floating-rate debt to investment and non-investment grade issuers.

Syndicating asset-based deals requires a particular set of skills—collateral exams as well as machinery, equipment, and real estate appraisals. What's really critical in syndication is the reputation of the lead arranger and administrative agent. A combination of expertise in both asset valuation and syndication is why Bank of America Business Capital is one of the largest asset-based lenders in the country in deals over $100 million.

White Paper

Spearheading a Turnaround at Milacron with Asset-Based Financing Company Into a Global Leader

Companies in cyclical industries can gain access to a predictable source of capital with an asset-based loan (ABL). A leader across multiple sectors, Milacron used asset-based financing to stage a turnaround, pursue a merger and position itself for future growth.

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Bank of America Business Capital President Jeff McLane Talks With The Deal

Bank of America Business Capital President Jeff McLane sat with Jonathan Marino, senior editor at The Deal magazine, to discuss manufacturing M&A and McLane's outlook on private equity trends, the credit market and why he's optimistic about U.S. companies. Following are highlights of the discussion.

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The Race for Overseas Growth

As much as 85% of the GDP growth of multinational companies is likely to come from outside the U.S. over the next several years. But as companies dive into fast-growing international markets, organizational structures are sometimes slow to follow. In the areas of risk management, cash and liquidity management, and access to capital, new kinds of expertise are imperative to successful overseas expansion. A Bank of America Merrill Lynch panel shares their overseas outlook and the strategies needed for success.


White Paper

Auto Supply Industry Rebounds, But Who Will Fund The Growth?

There were worries earlier this year that parts suppliers would not be able to retool and restart idled plants fast enough to meet the rising demand, but our view of the industry is that suppliers have met the first wave of the ramp-up, primarily because the rise has been steady rather than spiked. Another concern has risen, however: How will suppliers meet the demands of the wave of new auto models expected to be introduced within the next four years? 2008 to 2011, the dog that saw GM and Chrysler enter bankruptcy wagged the tail so hard it lost an estimated 57 parts makers and 20 percent of its work force, or 100,000 people.

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Case Study

Atlas Steels Financing Opens Door to More Opportunities

Bank of America Business Capital closed a A$50-million asset-based loan to allow Atlas Steels to expand its presence in the Australia/New Zealand market. Atlas Steels is the largest stainless and specialty steel manufacturer and supplier in the region.

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Asset-Based Lending in Europe Today

"Bespoke ABL Financing" was a common theme at CFA's 7th Annual International Lending Conference at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London in May 2013. This article quotes many of the conference leaders, panelists and organizers who discussed recent developments in cross-border lending and the outlook for European asset-based lending.

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Product Video

Committing to China (BABC Video)

The Jordan Co. has been investing in China since the 1990s and has closed 26 deals there. Jordan's senior vice president Andrew Rice shared some of the lessons the firm has learned in this video conversation with editor-in-chief Mary Kathleen Flynn, which was shot at a recent conference on cross-border M&A hosted by Mergers & Acquisitions and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.


Product Video

Cross-Border Lending: Sea of Change (BABC Video)

Years ago, "you could always tell the cross border lending expert at a bank because that was the person who could say no in 50 different languages," says Richard Kohn of Goldberg Kohn Ltd. To learn more about lending changes driven by the globalization of the U.S. middle market.


Product Video

European Lending: What Happens When Things Go Wrong? (BABC Video)

Lenders looking to do business in Europe should think about, "what happens if it all goes wrong?" explains Norton Rose LLP's Michael Black. To learn more about where secured lenders are treated favorably or less favorably during a bankruptcy case, view this video conversation.



International Transformation: Unlocking Value & Executing Abroad

Corporate and private-equity dealmakers increasingly recognize that international transactions will be a crucial part of any company's growth strategy. But the strategies and practices that are successful domestically don't always translate overseas — a lesson that middle-market companies need to learn quickly, or risk losses on their new ventures.

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