BofA Global Capital Management Money Market Mutual Funds

BofA Global Capital Management Money Market Mutual Funds

The challenges facing investors active in the short-term debt markets are becoming increasingly  complex.  Adequately researching credit quality, maintaining optimal diversification, ensuring daily liquidity and identifying income generating opportunities are resource intensive and time consuming.  Global Liquidity Investment Solutions helps investors address these challenges with a broad array of taxable and tax exempt institutional money market mutual funds, to include BofA™ Global Capital Management, our proprietary fund offering. 

Features and benefits include:

  • Principal Preservation: The funds seek to maintain a constant net asset value of $1 per share.

  • Daily liquidity: Same-day access to funds is offered for trades placed before the designated cut-off time.

  • High credit quality: The funds hold first-tier securities with the highest short-term debt ratings from a nationally recognized statistical rating organization (NRSRO). If a security is not rated, it must be of a quality comparable to the fund's NRSRO-rated securities.

  • Diversification: No more than 5% of a fund's portfolio may be invested in the securities of a single corporate issuer.

  • Dividend income: Dividends accrue daily, and balances are paid in cash or reinvested on a monthly basis.

  • Competitive return: Actively managed to exploit potential income opportunities, the funds' managers seek to generate returns that exceed other short-term, liquid investments without incurring additional risk.

  • Extended trading: Certain funds offer a longer daily trading window  for clients with late day changes to their cash requirements.

Disclosure: Dividend payments are not guaranteed. The amount of a dividend payment, if any, can vary over time.

The advantages of partnering with BofA™ Global Capital Management

BofA Global Capital Management money market mutual funds seek to provide principal stability, daily liquidityand competitive yields. Benefits include:

  • Professional management: Experienced portfolio managers, research analysts and traders collaborate daily to meet our clients' primary objectives: preservation of principal, daily liquidity and competitive yields.

  • Diversification: Pooled investment vehicles enable investors to achieve a high degree of diversification more efficiently and conveniently than is possible through investment in individual securities.

  • Multiple investment solutions: Our extensive array of investment solutions includes taxable funds with varying risk profiles as well as tax-exempt funds (both national and state-specific).

  • Proprietary research: Focused solely on the short end of the yield curve, our in-house research professionals conduct in-depth analysis to generate insights independent of the Wall Street consensus.

  • Active risk management: Portfolio managers assess, monitor and adjust levels of interest rate, credit and redemption risk in BofA Global Capital Management's money market funds.

  • Size and scale: Strong market presence translates into deal-structuring flexibility and pricing leverage

  • Access to Bank of America Resources: As part of one of the world's largest financial institutions, BofA Global Capital Management can access the resources necessary to make productive investments in technology and personnel. We can also leverage the insights of other Bank of America professionals, e.g. economists and market strategists.

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