PriceServe® (Fixed Income Securities Pricing)

Independent pricing with unique market insight

  • PriceServe is an independent fixed income pricing service.

  • PriceServe offers valuations for a broad spectrum of fixed income securities based on market insight from our trading desks and our extensive research and modeling capabilities.

Extensive product coverage

  • Non-Agency RMBS

  • Subprime RMBS

  • Option ARMs

  • Agency TBAs and Specified Pools

  • CMOs

  • Mortgage Derivatives

  • Agency ARMs

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Consumer ABS

  • CMBS

  • CDOs

  • CLOs

  • Mortgage Loans

  • Corporate Credit

  • Emerging Markets

  • Esoteric Securities

Fair value

  • PriceServe is a source of pricing for use in estimating fair value

  • Our pricing methodology is extensive and available to our customers and their auditors

  • PriceServe provides customers with the support needed to understand our pricing methodology

  • Evaluators can be reached directly to discuss pricing assumptions

  • PriceServe provides customers with pricing inputs, cashflow modeling assumptions, and market color

Client service and online portal

  • A dedicated pricing and client service team is focused on delivering top tier quality and service to our clients.

  • Clients can access their pricing statements and review historic pricing using our online portal service.

  • Confidentiality is a top priority. Client records are maintained exclusively by our client service team. Pricing evaluators do not have access to client information.

  • Prices are calculated without reference to the client and position size.

  • Pricing statements can be sent directly to auditors and administrators.

Price challenges

  • PriceServe evaluators are available to discuss pricing directly with customers

  • Challenges are logged into our client system

  • Each challenge is reviewed by a senior evaluator

  • PriceServe accepts challenges without a specific trade reference

  • A detailed pricing commentary is given in response to all price challenges

Contact Us

  • For more information, please contact:

    Ajit Gupta

    Matthew Boggia
    Vice President, Sales

    Client Valuations