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CapitalEyes is a complimentary, bi-monthly e-newsletter from Bank of America Business Capital that helps mid-size and large businesses and their advisors stay informed about developments in leveraged finance.

The Time is Right for M&A

With the financial crisis firmly behind them, many U.S. companies have shifted their focus from survival to growth. Given the recovering economy, an increasingly attractive option for middle-market firms is mergers and acquisitions. Read full report »

Spearheading a Turnaround at Milacron with Asset-Based Lending

Companies in cyclical industries can gain access to a predictable source of capital with an asset-based loan (ABL). A leader across multiple sectors, Milacron used asset-based financing to stage a turnaround, pursue a merger and position itself for future growth.  Read full report »

Addition by Division: Exploring Corporate Separations

Pursuing a separation can often create meaningful strategic benefits to the separated businesses, in addition to enhancing cashflow, earnings and valuation.  Read full report »

CFO Outlook: Asia

The 2014 CFO Outlook Asia study provides a comprehensive look into the challenges and opportunities for businesses across the region. The report draws on insights from the region's top financial executives and highlights how optimism is driving a new age of growth in Asia.  View full report »

Recent Asset-Based Financing Solutions

See some examples of how Bank of America Business Capital is helping provide working capital solutions, innovative ideas and practical advice to companies in need of loans of all sizes. Visit the Deals & Transactions section of our website for more examples in action. Learn More  »

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