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Bank of America Merrill Lynch is a leading provider of card solutions to large and middle market companies, globally, and to federal, state and local government entities in the United States. We will work with you to understand your unique payments processes and to deliver integrated electronic solutions designed to increase efficiency, visibility and control. We offer card technologies that deliver easier and faster access to consolidated global data, and products to target and increase supplier acceptance and benefits — helping you to reduce costs, increase working capital and improve process efficiencies.



Increase efficiencies and optimize your working capital – locally and across the globe.

B2B Card and Payables

Streamline your purchase order, invoice and payment processing while supporting your core accounts payables functions utilizing a suite of electronic accounts payable solutions.

Global Card

Convert check payments to card and automate purchasing, travel and entertainment expense tracking around the world, while lowering  transaction processing costs and incorporating spend controls for your employees. Improve the reconciling and reimbursement processes and enact account-level authorization controls.

Credit Card

Bank of America Merrill Lynch offers an array of credit card solutions for corporations and institutions worldwide. Better manage your entertainment, purchasing, travel and fleet card programs using a solution designed with you in mind.

Prepaid Card

Our prepaid card solutions offer commercial, government and higher education entities in the United States a faster, easier and more secure way to make many types of disbursements, while giving recipients access to their funds. Organizations may benefit by reducing costs, lowering financial liability from lost/stolen checks and streamlining the disbursement administration process. Employees may benefit by getting their funds more quickly and in a more convenient manner. In addition, prepaid cards can be used to offer incentives, rewards or rebates to employees or customers.

Card Program Management

Enjoy access to web-based card management solutions that streamline and integrate your existing payment authorization and reconciliation processes, resulting in enhanced efficiencies and reduced costs.  Our card platforms provide you with comprehensive data for analysis and reporting on spend and flexible user interfaces that help simplify day-to-day and transaction management.

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Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition