Restaurant Finance Group

Serving the unique needs of
franchise owners/operators.

Who We Serve

In some industries, experience still counts. So does commitment. That's how Bank of America Merrill Lynch helps franchise owners, operators and investors like you succeed.

General franchise owners/operators
With more than 20 years of experience, we understand the challenges you face. When you make a new equipment purchase, remodel an existing location or seek ways to reduce the time a store manager is away to make deposits, it pays to have a banking relationship you can count on today — and far into the future.

McDonald's Franchise Finance
McDonald's owner / operators can access a wide range of commercial financing options through Bank of America Merrill Lynch McDonald's Franchise Finance.
Learn more about McDonald's Franchise Finance


Products & Services

Financing solutions to help grow or improve your business including:

  • Construction and permanent loans

  • Equipment financing

  • Acquisition financing

  • Debt consolidation

  • Remodel, rebuild or relocate

Improve your cash handling process and gain faster access to funds

  • Safe Connect solution can enable you to connect an armored carrier safe with electronic connectivity to a Bank of America deposit account for an end-to-end cash handling solution

  • Better manage and protect capital

  • Increase transparency, visibility, control and efficiency

Manage multiple locations with speed

  • Nationwide banking center convenience

  • Streamlined deposits with Bank of America Quick Business Deposit®

  • Point-of-sale (POS) card payments with Bank of America Merchant Services Solutions

Access information more quickly and easily

  • Put better financial control at your fingertips with Bank of America Direct®

  • Further reduce costs with image services through Bank of America Direct®

Manage payment activity and reduce certain types of fraud risk

  • Prevent check fraud more effectively with our Positive Pay program and for electronic payments, use our Automated Clearing House (ACH) Blocks and Filters service

  • Get more spending control with Bank of America Business and Commercial Card products

  • Take better control of your payables with Controlled Disbursement from Bank of America

Make the most out of your money

  • Consolidate working capital

  • Move your funds to where you benefit the most with our ACH Concentration services

  • Get a unified view of your deposits with Depository+

  • Decrease idle cash with Zero Balance Accounts

  • Minimize idle cash balances with our Automated Investment Service Overnight Sweep

Cultivate employee loyalty

  • Give discounts with group banking

  • Make payday easier for everyone with payroll solutions

  • Offer SafeSend®, HSA for Life™ Health Savings Accounts and 401(k) plans

Pursue your financial goals with personalized wealth management

  • Investment services

  • Institutional advisory solutions

  • Private wealth management

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